Hanni Hanna Products, the hair product made by a hair expert.


Hanni Hanna Products, the hair product made by a hair expert.



Nothing beats a well-styled haircut. Every day, our in-house colorists, stylists and beauticians lend a listening ear for everyone’s obstacles. To listen carefully to the personal wishes of each customer and to provide appropriate and correct advice, we, as experts, always look for the best products for everyone.

Despite all the top brands that we sell in our salon, it can occur that the perfect product fit can’t be found.

Hanni Hanna missed the perfect product, solution, and went looking for it. He missed the power of a hair perfume, a product without unnecessary ingredients. A combination between a gel and a wax; a product that is neither too wet nor too hard to apply.

A year ago, Hanni Hanna started his exploration of “the perfect product”. With an eye for detail, he visited several countries to put together this product himself. Together with experts from different laboratories, Hanni Hanna carefully put together different sample products that he tested himself. This eventually led to his first HH product line. Four beautiful products formulated that are good for the head and hair.


Shine gel

Shine wax

Matt paste

Texturizing cream

We are only satisfied if you walk out the door with confidence and are not only satisfied, but also happy with the end result.

Exclusive Interview with Hanni Hanna Hymself 

How did HanniHanna products come about?

Since I was 17 years old, I have been busy with my hairdressing career. Which now, after 15 years in the profession, gives me the right to call myself “her expert”.

During all my years as hairdresser, I experienced several different things that were actually missing in terms of hair styling products. I often noticed that when it comes to selling the right products, for the perfect hair styling, I often combined different beautiful products to get that right styling. This also led to an increasing question within me, why is there no product in which this is combined and I can make my customers happy with one beautiful product?

This seed grew and developed quickly. During a holiday I met a person from my network who knew a lot about hair, hair products and also how to produce them. We started talking and noticed to have very aligned views on the hairstyling matter. After our conversation he delighted me with the contact details of a production center. I didn’t hesitate for a moment and contacted them immediately. Within 24 hours I had booked my tickets and flew from a warm place to Finland to discuss my vision of Hanni Hanna products.

Within two months I received the first samples and suddenly my new product-line felt real for the first time!

Still, I just took the time to really come up with the perfect product. Because I worked out of my hairdressing perspective, and knew what my customers and I also miss in the current products, I was not satisfied with less.

The product I missed on the current market should not only straighten the hair, make it shine, but also make it smell good. There are several products that do contain a hair perfume, but this fragrance never really lasts long. I wanted my hairline to be a perfect combination of application for the hair, plus a lovely fresh scent that lasts all day long.

We sent samples back and forth from this for months until we came to this perfect product. And I am so proud and happy that we can launch this today!


What is HanniHanna products?

Hanni Hanna products is a men’s hairline that combines the best of various top products. Where my customers normally need two products, for example styling and shining or the matt effect, they can now get their hair in the desired style with one product. In addition, hanni hanna products also ensures that your hair smells wonderfully fresh for a long time.

The ingredients we have used for this line are all natural and therefore also directly nourishing and nutritious for the hair. My customers are very important to me and that is why my bow was not only for a beautiful product but also for a pure and good product. Therefore, by testing a lot ourselves, we really came to the product I had in mind.


What makes HanniHanna Products special?

What makes my product line special is that I didn’t think out of production, but from my hairdressing perspective. I know exactly what is good for the hair and which products are on the current market. That is why I know exactly what was missing for my customers and also for myself.

The Hanni Hanna product line therefore also consists of products that I missed myself and that I will definitely use for my own hair.

The creation of this product line arose not only from support, motivation and ambition, but also from creativity. It was a very special process to endure what even led me to create the appearance and logo myself. It is really my own product from head to toe and I am very proud of that.